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At Superdrug Online Doctor, we create a range of articles to publish on our site. These articles are always checked by a qualified doctor, and cover the topics we think will help inform our patients about their conditions and treatments.

We also create more general sex-health articles that include research we conduct around our services, and some relationship and lifestyle insights too.

Cheaters on Cheating

Find out what people admit to when it comes to relationships and infidelity...

Viagra for Women

Can women take Viagra and what happens if they do? Are there female Viagras out there?

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

Do you know how to tell between genital herpes symptoms and other STIs?

Bleeding and the Pill

The Pill can affect menstrual bleeding. Find out what to expect and when to take action.

Penis Rings

What penis rings can do to improve your sexual health.

Can Viagra Make You Last Longer
Does Viagra help you last longer in bed or other treatments a better option?