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Does Chlamydia Cause Infertility?

Dr Louisa Draper

"When a Chlamydia infection is not treated, it can cause complications such as infertility. You should avoid carrying the infection and get tested if you think you may have caught it."

Dr Louisa Draper

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Women's Chlamydia stat
Chlamydia affects many men and women at some point in their lives and it is very common amongst young people. It is a sexually transmitted disease which can easily be treated with antibiotics. However, it often remains symptomless and if left untreated, it can have serious long-term effects for both men and women.

How to avoid complications

Although chlamydia can cause serious complications in some people, it is also a very treatable infection. You can avoid catching it or leaving it untreated by following these three simple steps:

1. Always use a condom when having sex with a new partner.

2. Make sure you and your partner get tested before having sex for the first time.

3. Get tested for STIs once a year.