Order the Contraceptive Pill Online

The fast and easy way to get the pill prescribed and delivered – no appointment needed

Order the
Contraceptive Pill Online

The fast and easy way to get the pill prescribed and delivered – no appointment needed

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Don’t know which contraceptive is right for you?

Whether you’ve not used a contraceptive before, you’re not happy with your current contraceptive, or you want a contraceptive that can also help with acne or periods, our doctors can help for just £5.

Find out more about how our doctors can help you.

Contraceptive Pill Price
Cerelle from £14.99
Microgynon from £14.99
Rigevidon from £14.99
Yasmin from £24.99
Cerazette from £20.00
Hana  from £8.95
Levest from £19.99
Cilique from £19.99
Gedarel from £14.99
Marvelon from £15.99
Noriday from £14.99
Mercilon from £25.00
Ovranette from £20.00
Millinette from £14.99
Norgeston from £20.00
Eloine from £30.00
Lucette from £25.00
Femodene from £14.99
Lizinna from £19.99
Qlaira from £50.00
Logynon from £20.00
Femodette from £27.50
Brevinor from £20.00
Evra patches from £34.00
TriRegol from £20.00
Sunya from £25.00
Norimin from £20.00
Katya from £25.00
Norinyl-1 from £20.00
Synphase from £20.00
Maexeni from £20.00
Desomono from £20.00
NuvaRing from £49.99

We offer 30 different types of pill as well as help and information on choosing the right one for youYou can also get free advice from our doctors through your account at any time.

Standard delivery and click & collect from our pharmacies: free 
Next day delivery: £3.99

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Our doctors can prescribe the contraceptive pill to women between 16 and 50 years old. We can prescribe the pill for you if you already take it regularly, or if you’ve never taken it before. 

We ask each patient who orders from us for information about their health and lifestyle, to see whether it’s suitable for us to prescribe the pill. Find out more about how our service works.

We offer 30 different types of the contraceptive pill. Read more about the contraceptive pill and which brand might be right for you.

To use the service, we need:

  • your height
  • your weight
  • information about your medical history and any medication you’re taking
  • a blood pressure reading taken in the last 12 months

If you’ve recently had your blood pressure measured at your GP surgery you may be able to ask for the reading over the phone. Otherwise, it’s possible to get your blood pressure measured at some pharmacies, with your GP, or using a home blood pressure monitor.

About the Contraceptive Pill

To place an order, fill in a brief questionnaire. One of our doctors will review your order and prescribe a treatment if suitable. Existing patients should login first.

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