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Canesten 2% Cream

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Canesten is an external cream used to treat thrush in women, which contains the active ingredient clotrimazole.

You can order Canesten with clotrimazole 2% cream easily online, and get an assessment from one of our doctors, plus free delivery on all treatments.

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About Canesten external cream

Canesten cream contains the active ingredient clotrimazole, which is an antifungal medicine used as treatment for thrush.

The active ingredient clotrimazole, is also used to treat other fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot and sweat rash. However, we offer Canesten cream specifically for external use to treat thrush in women.

You can order treatment for thrush online if:

  • you have previously been treated for thrush and are now experiencing the same symptoms
  • you are not allergic to the active ingredient in canesten cream, clotrimazole

If you experience any of the following symptoms for the first time, you should visit your GP or a sexual health clinic:

  • Itchy and sore around the external parts of your vagina
  • White vaginal discharge (like cottage cheese) which doesn’t usually smell

The doctor will usually confirm a thrush diagnosis after examining your genital area, but may also carry out other tests to make sure your symptoms are not caused by cystitis or bacterial vaginosis.

Thrush is not an STI but if you’re worried that you might have symptoms of an STI, you can also order a home STI test kit from Superdrug Online Doctor. 

Ordering Canesten cream from us online is quick and easy: 

  • Fill in a medical questionnaire and answer a few questions about your general health and lifestyle
  • Place an order for your treatment
  • One of our registered doctors will review your order and check if Canesten cream is right for you
  • You can then choose your delivery option at the checkout. Your medication will be posted by our pharmacy to a preferred address

Apply your Canesten cream thinly and evenly to the affected area around the entrance of the vagina, about two or three times daily

You should continue using the cream for at least two weeks even if your symptoms improve, to make sure the thrush infection is completely cleared.

The Canesten cream should only be used on the external parts of your genital area and not in your eyes or mouth, even if  you have symptoms of thrush in these areas.

Canesten cream may reduce the effectiveness of rubber contraceptives like condoms and diaphragms. If you’re using this cream on your genital areas while you’re sexually active, you should discuss with your partner about using another form of contraceptive protection for at least five days after using this cream.

If you use the Canesten cream consistently for at least two weeks, your symptoms of thrush infection should clear up. 

However, you should visit your doctor if your symptoms have not improved after two weeks of treatment.

Using Canesten cream on your external genital area should not harm your unborn baby. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and you have symptoms of thrush, you should tell your doctor before using any thrush treatment.

Other types of thrush treatments that need to be inserted into the vagina like clotrimazole pessaries and intravaginal creams, do carry some risk of injuring your cervix (neck of the womb).

Some common side effects which you may experience using Canesten cream include:

  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Swelling
  • Rash
  • Blisters
  • Burning pain
  • Redness or peeling of your skin

If you have any signs of a severe allergic reaction to using Canesten cream such as breathing problems, swollen face/lips or dizziness, stop using it immediately and speak to a doctor.

We offer clotrimazole (generic Canesten) 1% cream as an external treatment for thrush in men. The option we offer for women is the Canesten (clotrimazole) 2% cream which is also for external use.

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