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3 month pack of the contraceptive pill logynon

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3 month pack of the contraceptive pill logynon
Logynon is a contraceptive pill.

It is available in a 28 pill / month pack, which contains 7 placebos or a 21 pill pack, which does not come with placebos. When using the 21 pill pack, you will have a 7 day break from taking the pill during each course.

Order online from Superdrug online doctor - our service is fast, safe and convenient. To place an order, fill in our brief medical questionnaire. One of our online doctors will review your order and check whether you can continue using your pill. This service is for women who have been taking the pill for at least three months only. 

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You will choose your delivery option at the checkout. Delivery options may vary depending on the pack size and dosage chosen.

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About Logynon Pill
How does Logynon work?

Logynon contains two different female sex hormones, progesterone and oestrogen. These hormones prevent pregnancy in three ways:

by stopping your ovaries releasing eggs;
by stopping the lining of your womb thickening to receive an egg;
by thickening the mucus in your cervix, making it harder for sperm to reach your womb

How is Logynon taken?

Logynon is taken orally on a daily basis, should be taken with water and should not be chewed. You should take your pill at the same time every day. You may find it helpful to set an alarm on your watch or phone to remind you to take your medication. 

Each pill in the pack is marked with a day of the week to help you keep track of your cycle. If you are starting the pill for the first time, you should take it on the first day of your period so as to be protected instantly.

Why are there 21 pills in a pack?

Logynon is a triphasic pill, meaning that over the course of three weeks, it overrides your normal hormone cycle. You should take the pill every day for 21 days before stopping for a 7-day pill break. You will still be protected during this week, and may experience light bleeding. As the hormones in Logynon mimic those of your natural cycle and contain varying levels of hormones, it is important to take them in the correct order. Each pack contains six light-brown, five white and ten red tablets, to be taken in the order marked on your pack.

What happens if I forget to take my pill?

If you forget to take one tablet and it has been less than twelve hours since you were supposed to take it, take the missed pill immediately. You can then continue as normal and should still be protected.

If more than twelve hours have passed since you were meant to take your tablet and you have over a week of your pack left, take the tablet immediately, then continue taking your pill as normal. You need to use additional protection (e.g. condoms) for seven days afterwards. 

If you have missed more than one tablet or have fewer than seven days left, please check the leaflet included with your pills for further advice.

Please note: If you experience vomiting or severe diarrhoea within two hours of taking your pill, this may reduce its efficacy. If this happens, read the patient leaflet for further instructions or ask your doctor for advice.
Common side effects of Logynon may include:

  • Nausea
  • Weight gain
  • Stomach aches
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings or mild depression
  • Sore breasts

Uncommon and rare side effects of Logynon can include, but are not limited to:

For a full list of possible side effects, please read your patient leaflet or speak to your doctor. 
Who can take Logynon?

Logynon is not suitable for everyone, and you may not be able to take it if you:

  • have ever had a blood clot
  • suffer from angina
  • suffer from migraines
  • are diabetic
  • suffer from pancreatitis
  • Have had a form of breast cancer have or have had a liver tumour or other liver problems
  • experience unexplained vaginal bleeding

Please let your doctor know if any of the above conditions apply or have applied to you. It is important to be honest with your doctor before taking a medication.
Each three-week strip of Logynol should contain six light-brown tablets (0.05mg levonorgestrel & 0.03mg ethinylestradiol), five white tablets (0.075mg levonorgestrel & 0.04mg ethinylestradiol) and ten dark red tablets containing 0.125mg levonorgestrel and 0.03mg ethinylestradiol. Each tablet also contains a small amount of lactose (0.033mg).

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