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3 month pack Noriday contraceptive pill (mini pill)

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3 month pack Noriday contraceptive pill (mini pill)
Noriday is a progesterone-only oral contraceptive pill (mini pill) that’s over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. 

Our doctors can prescribe Noriday to you online if you’re between 16 and 50 and female, and it’s suitable for you.

To place an order for Noriday, you just need to fill in a brief medical questionnaire. One of our doctors will review your information, and prescribe Noriday if it's safe and appropriate for you.

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To place an order, fill in a brief questionnaire. One of our doctors will review your order and prescribe a suitable treatment.

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You will choose your delivery option at the checkout. Delivery options may vary depending on the pack size and dosage chosen.

Noriday Pill

Noriday is a contraceptive pill, sometimes called a birth control pill, that is used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. 

What type of pill is Noriday?

Noriday is a type of contraceptive called a ‘mini-pill’, also known as a progesterone-only pill (POP). It contains a lab-made version of a hormone found naturally in your body called progesterone, which controls your periods. Noriday does not contain oestrogen, unlike some other types of contraceptive pill, like combined oral contraceptives.

Is Noriday the same as Micronor? 

They are not exactly the same, but they’re very similar medications. Micronor is a contraceptive pill that’s no longer in use, and has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Noriday contains norethisterone, which is the same hormone that was used in Micronor. So, if you’ve been on Micronor before, it’s now recommended that you use Noriday instead. 

You can buy it online or get it from your NHS doctor. You can order Noriday online from Superdrug Online Doctor: 

  • Just fill in a short online questionnaire about your general health and your contraception needs. This should only take a few minutes to complete 
  • If our doctors think that Noriday is safe and the right choice for you, they will issue a prescription for medication. The medication will be delivered to an address of your choice, or you can pick it up from your local Superdrug

You can also get Noriday on the NHS. You will need to make a face-to-face appointment with your usual GP or your nearest sexual health clinic. A doctor will discuss your health and lifestyle to see if Noriday is the best option for you. If it is, they’ll give you a prescription which you can take to any pharmacy. 

Noriday delays the egg reaching the womb, and thickens the mucus of your cervix so sperm cannot reach the womb. 

Noriday contains a lab-made version of a hormone called progesterone. This hormone stops the egg from implanting and slows the movement of the egg to the womb. It also prevents the sperm from meeting the egg by causing the mucus at the cervix to become thicker. 

How effective is Noriday? 

If Noriday is taken exactly as it should be, it’s more than 99% effective. But, in reality it’s about 91% effective. This is because of: 

  • forgetting to take a pill 
  • getting diarrhoea while you’re on Noriday 
  • being sick (vomiting) just after you’ve taken Noriday

You need to start taking Noriday on the first day of your period. After this, it takes 7 days for Noriday to start working properly. So, you’ll need to use another type of contraception such as a condom for the first 7 days you’re on Noriday. It should then be taken everyday at the same time without any breaks.

When you stop taking Noriday, most people get their periods back in 2 to 4 weeks. But, this depends on your body and what your periods were like before you started Noriday. It can take up to 3 months for your periods to come back. If you have stopped Noriday but haven’t got your periods back after a month, you should take a pregnancy test and talk to your GP. 

You should take Noriday exactly how you’ve been told by your doctor. If you forget, every pack of Noriday contains a leaflet which tells you how to take it. Or, you can follow the instructions below: 

  • Start taking Noriday on the first day of your period. 
  • Take one pill each day and swallow with a glass of water. Don’t chew or crush the tablets. 
  • The blister pack is labelled with the days of the week to help you remember to take your tablets. Start on the right day of the week and follow the arrows until the blister pack is empty. 
  • Start the next pack of Noriday the next day. You should not have a break between packs. 
  • You can take Noriday at any time during the day, but you have to take it at the same time every day. 

What do I do if I miss a pill?

If you take Noriday more than 3 hours after your normal time, this counts as a missed pill. You should take the missed pill as soon as you remember, even if it means taking two pills on the same day. You will not be protected from pregnancy for the next 7 days so you should use another type of contraception such as a condom. 

How do I switch to Noriday from a different Pill? 

To switch to Noriday from a different Pill, you should start taking Noriday the day after your old Pill pack is finished. Do not have a break at all before starting Noriday. 

It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about switching from one pill to another. Unless it has the exact same active ingredients and doses, or you can message one of the doctors via your Superdrug Online Doctor account.

As with all medications, side effects are possible and vary from person to person.  

The known side effects of Noriday are: 

  • changes in appetite 
  • tiredness 
  • headaches 
  • high blood pressure 
  • changes in sex drive (libido) 
  • rash 

Noriday and bleeding or spotting – bleeding or spotting is a common side effect of all contraceptives.

Noriday and weight gain – weight gain while on Noriday is rare and may only be temporary It occurs because of water retention caused by the progesterone hormone. After a year of taking Noriday, women on average gained less than 2kg (or 4.4lb).

Noriday and acne – you may find you get acne after starting Noriday, or your current acne gets worse however some people do also find their acne improves.

Does Noriday stop your periods? – some women find that they do not get periods when they take Noriday. 

Noriday and irregular periods – some women start getting irregular bleeding after taking Noriday. This can often last up to 3 months but if it continues after this time it is important to see your doctor for an examination and possibly further investigations.

It’s difficult to predict how your body will react to Noriday so you won’t know which side effects you will get, if any, until you start taking it. 

If you find that you’re getting side effects that are not too bad, we recommend that you carry on taking Noriday for a few weeks. Sometimes you might find that the side effects improve as your body gets used to Noriday. 

How can I reduce the side effects of Noriday?

If you find that the side effects are difficult to cope with, you should see your GP. They will be able to discuss with you whether your symptoms  are because of the contraceptive and if t’s best to switch to another type of contraception. 

Some medications or herbal products can interact with each other in your body. The medications listed below can stop Noriday from working properly, so let your doctor know if you’re taking any of these: 

  • St John’s Wort (a herbal treatment for depression) 
  • medications to treat epilepsy 
  • medications to treat HIV 
  • antibiotics like rifabutin, rifampicin, griseofulvin, ampicillin, or doxycycline
  • modafinil (used to treat narcolepsy) 
  • phenobarbital (used to treat sleeplessness, anxiety, or epilepsy)

Noriday and alcohol – alcohol does not affect how Noriday works. So, you can drink alcohol whilst taking Noriday. You should always follow the recommended limits for alcohol use. 

Period delay – Noriday should not be used for period delay because it does not stop periods in all women. 

Emergency contraception – Noriday will not work if you’ve already had unprotected sex. You’ll need an emergency contraceptive like Levonelle or ellaOne. 

Painkillers – you can take over-the-counter painkillers while you’re taking Noriday. 

Do not take Noriday if: 

  • you’re allergic to norethisterone or any of the ingredients in this medication 
  • you’re pregnant or think you might be pregnant
  • you’ve had cancer in the breast, cervix, vagina, or womb
  • you have or you’ve ever had liver disease 
  • you’ve ever had itching or yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice) while you were pregnant
  • you’re bleeding from the vagina but a doctor has not diagnosed a cause 
  • you’ve never had a period or you your periods disappeared and have not returned (amenorrhoea) 
  • you have inflamed veins (thrombophlebitis) 
  • you’ve had blood clots (thrombosis)
  • you’ve had heart disease or a stroke