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Gonorrhea in men - Symptoms and long-term effects

Dr Louisa Draper

"In 2013 alone, over 29000 people tested positive for gonorrhea in the UK."

Dr Louisa Draper

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Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection. You can catch it during sex with an infected partner, regardless of whether you are having anal, oral or vaginal sex. Find out which symptoms gonorrhea causes in men and which long term effects the infection can cause.

Gonorrhea in men - How to protect yourself

1. Use a condom every time you have sex.

Condoms offer excellent protection from most STIs. You should use one every time you have sex to avoid getting gonorrhea.

2. Get tested - whether you have symptoms or not.

If you have had unprotected sex you should get tested for STIs on a regular basis (at least every six months. This way, you will get treated for gonorrhea and other STIs early on and you can avoid complications.

3. Don’t delay your treatment.

If you or your partner have been diagnosed, you should get treated without delay. It is also important that you don’t have unprotected sex within 7 days of your treatment, as you could still be contagious.