Alpecin Shampoo

Alpecin Shampoo

Alpecin shampoo is a type of hair loss treatment that you shampoo into your hair every day. It's an effective treatment that's available to order without a prescription. It works by energizing and activating hair growth at the roots.

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Alpecin shampoo is a non-prescription hair loss treatment for men and women.

Order Alpecin shampoo online - one our doctors will check whether Alpecin is suitable for you.

We offer Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo and Alpecin Double Effect Caffeine Shampoo. Alpecin Double Effect removes dandruff in addition to stimulating your follicles.

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How it Works

About Alpecin shampoo

What is Alpecin shampoo?

Alpecin shampoo is used to stimulate hair growth in men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. Alpecin shampoo contains caffeine, which works by energizing and activating hair growth at the roots. 

How to use it:

Apply your Alpecin shampoo directly to the scalp with wet hair, lather and leave for 2 minutes before washing off in warm water as you would with any shampoo. Alpecin shampoo is for daily use.

Who can use it?

Both men and women can use Alpecin shampoo. Alpecin shampoo is for use by any people experiencing hair loss or thinning who are hoping to stimulate hair regrowth. 

Side effects

Prolonged use of Alpecin shampoo can potentially cause hair thinning or colouring.  Always speak to your prescribing nurse or doctor if you experience any unexplained side effects after using Alpecin shampoo. 

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