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Penis enlargement - is it possible?

Dr Louisa Draper

"It is possible to increase your penis size with plastic surgery. However, according to a study conducted in 2006, only 35% of men who underwent penis enlargement surgery were happy with the results."

Dr Louisa Draper

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Many men feel anxiety with regards to the size of their penis. There are an abundance of treatments offered online which claim to help you enlarge your penis. However, these are scams - there is no scientifically proven and safe treatment which can increase penis size. Find out what constitutes an average size and how to protect yourself from harmful treatments.

Top Penis Enlargement Myths 

Myth: The average penis is about 8 inches in length
Truth: The real-life average is between 5-6 inches

Myth: Penis size is linked to shoe size / handspan / height
Truth: There is no scientific link between the size of your penis and any other body part.

Myth: Size matters
Truth: Actually, size is pretty low on the list of requirements for your partner. Affection, foreplay and consideration are much more important. Satisfying sex is about more than just penetration.

Myth: Bigger is better
Truth: Women's vaginas when aroused are only 4.25-4.75 inches long. An oversized penis would cause discomfort rather than pleasure and very well-endowed men can find sex more difficult.

Myth: A bigger penis will make you a better lover
Truth: Having a large penis does not make you better in bed. Paying attention to your partner's needs is far more important than penis size

Myth: Supplements and pills can increase penis size
Truth: Not only will they do nothing for your size, they may actually harm your health