Lady Era

Is this ‘Female Viagra’ Available in the UK?

Lady Era contains the same active ingredient as Viagra and the manufacturers claim it’s an approved treatment for female sexual dysfunction. But this product isn’t proven to work and isn’t legal to buy in the UK.

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Dr Simran Deo

Last reviewed: 07 Feb 2020

What is Lady Era?

Lady Era is a drug marketed to women that claims to treat low sex drive. The main ingredient it contains is sildenafil. Sildenafil is also found in Viagra, the most commonly prescribed medications for treating erectile dysfunction in men.

Lady Era claims to be an approved treatment for female sexual dysfunction in some countries, however it is not available to buy the UK. At the moment there's no proper evidence to show it works in women for treating sexual dysfunction, so it is not yet an approved treatment.

Can I Buy Lady Era online?

Lady Era is not available to buy in the UK because it’s not approved here to treat female sexual dysfunction. Anywhere selling Lady Era for women to people in the UK is actually doing so illegally. Even in other countries, buying Lady Era from online sellers carries some risk because it’s difficult to tell if the sellers are legitimate and which countries Lady Era is legal in.

Does Lady Era Work?

Lady Era is not approved for use as a medication in the UK and isn’t proven to be effective for treating sexual dysfunction in women. There are a few studies that explore the effects of sildenafil, the active ingredient in Lady Era, on female sexual dysfunction:

Overall the evidence is very mixed and doesn’t prove sildenafil is a useful treatment for women with sexual dysfunction.

Are There Any Reviews of Lady Era Online?

There are limited reviews of Lady Era and they are unreliable. Some sites state customer ratings without any individual comments from users, and many websites are likely selling the product illegally. Lady Era isn’t proven to work so it’s unlikely to have positive reviews.

Are There Plans to Approve Lady Era in the UK?

There are no plans to approve Lady Era in the UK as evidence currently does not support sildenafil for female sexual dysfunction. Until there is proper evidence that sildenafil helps treat sexual dysfunction in women, products like Lady Era won’t be approved for sale in the UK.

Is Lady Era Safe?

Products that contain sildenafil for women such as Lady Era would only be safe if a doctor had approved them for you. This is unlikely to happen as it is not currently approved in the UK. Even if approved, a a full medical history would need to be taken before prescribing to ensure it was safe for the person to take.

Lady Era could cause many of the same side effects in women that sildenafil medications can in men. Also, because it’s not well regulated, it’s unclear whether Lady Era contains what it claims to, or whether there are dangerous levels of medication in it.

Independent research by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia has found that Lady Era contains some ingredients that haven’t been declared by manufacturers. These ingredients are ones that are usually only available on prescription, so by taking Lady Era you could be putting your health at risk.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Female Sexual Dysfunction?

There are no medications approved for use in the UK to treat female sexual dysfunction. But, in the US Flibanserin is approved for female sexual dysfunction, and it’s sold under the name the Addyi. Unlike sildenafil (Lady era), flibanserin is a medication used to treat low sex drive in women that isn’t caused by an existing medical, psychological or relationship issues. Addyi isn’t yet approved for use in the UK.

Always be careful purchasing medications online as many online companies claim to sell ‘female viagra’ which usually contains the same ingredient as male Viagra (sildenafil) and aren’t proven to help with female sexual dysfunction. Like with Lady Era, these products may also contain other ingredients which the manufacturers of the product haven’t declared.

There are also a variety of herbal products available in the UK that are marketed at improving female sexual performance, like Prelox. But these are unreliable in the same way as female Viagras because they haven’t been approved as a medications and aren’t properly regulated.

The best way to improve sexual dysfunction in women is to get advice and counselling from a sex therapist.


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