Wegovy Dosage

Wegovy is a prescription-only injectable weight-loss medication for overweight or obese adults. It is taken once a week and contains the active ingredient semaglutide. There are 5 doses available with a maintenance dose of 2.4 mg once a week. You will start on the lowest dose and then slowly build up to the maintenance dose. This is to see how well your body tolerates the treatment and reduces the risk of side effects.

Read on to learn more about Wegovy and its dosages.

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At a glance: Wegovy dosage guide

At a glance: wegovy dosage guide

What is the starting dose of Wegovy?

The starting dose for Wegovy is 0.25 mg once a week for 4 weeks. The dose then increases over 16 weeks until you reach the maintenance dose of 2.4 mg once a week. Once you have reached this dose, it will not be increased further, and you will remain on this dose until your treatment ends. Your doctor may alter your dosing schedule depending on how you’re feeling and how your treatment is affecting you. You should only ever change the dose under the advice of your doctor.

How long should the first Wegovy pen last me?

Each Wegovy dose comes in a colour-coded pen and each pen is prefilled with 4 doses. This means each pen lasts 4 weeks.

Can I increase my dose early?

No, do not increase your Wegovy dose early unless you have been advised to do so by your doctor. You should always follow the dosing schedule provided by your doctor.

What is titration?

Titration of medicine means the dose is slowly increased in small amounts over days, weeks, or months to reach a clinically effective dose. Titration also allows you and your doctor to see how your body reacts to the medicine while also reducing side effects. This is a preferred method for some medicines because not everyone reacts in the same way or can tolerate a full dose immediately.

What is the maintenance dose of Wegovy?

The maintenance dose of Wegovy is 2.4 mg once a week. It will take 16 weeks to reach the maintenance dose.

How long does a Wegovy pen last at the maintenance dose?

The maintenance dose pen is colour-coded in black and contains 4 prefilled doses. So, each maintenance dose pen should last you 4 weeks.

How often do you need to increase the dose?

When you start Wegovy treatment, you will likely be advised by your doctor to increase your dose every 4 weeks until you reach the maintenance dose. Once this has been reached, from week 17 onwards you will take 2.4 mg once a week.

How many Wegovy pens will I need?

To reach the maintenance dose, you will need 5 pens in total. You will then need 1 pen every 4 weeks containing the maintenance dose.

Can I split my Wegovy dose?

No, each Wegovy dose is supplied as a colour-coded pen so there is no need to split the dose. If you are experiencing side effects with your current dose, you should speak to your doctor.

How long can I take Wegovy for?

Wegovy is approved for long-term use to treat overweight and obese adults. That means it can be taken for as long as it remains beneficial for weight loss or weight maintenance and isn’t causing intolerable side effects.

Some people experience weight loss within the first 4 weeks of starting treatment with Wegovy, but it can take several months to see the full effects.

How do I change the dose on my pen?

It is not possible to change the dose on a Wegovy pen. You will have a separate pen for each Wegovy dose. Each pen contains 4 pre-filled doses of medication. When you need to change the dose, you’ll need to change to the corresponding pen.

The Wegovy pens are colour-coded to help you see the different dose strengths. The dose colours are as follows:

  • green for 0.25 mg
  • pink for 0.5 mg
  • brown for 1 mg
  • blue for 1.7 mg
  • black for 2.4 mg

What if I can’t tolerate my new dose?

If you are finding it difficult to tolerate your current Wegovy dose, you should speak to your doctor or nurse for advice. They may delay the dose escalation for a few weeks to see if that helps.

Good to know: If you can’t tolerate the maintenance dose of 2.4 mg once per week, your doctor can advise you to remain on the lower dose of 1.7 mg. Speak to your doctor if you’re not tolerating your dose.

Will changing my dose affect side effects?

Yes, changing your Wegovy dose can affect side effects but your dose schedule has been designed to reduce the risk of developing them.

What should I do if I miss a dose?

If you have forgotten to inject Wegovy and it is 5 days or less since you should have used it, inject it as soon as you remember. You should then inject your next dose 7 days later, and make that your new scheduled dose day.

If it is more than 5 days since you should have used Wegovy, skip the missed dose. You should then take your next dose as usual on your next scheduled day. You must not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.

What if I want to change the day I take Wegovy?

Changing the day of your weekly Wegovy injection is possible as long as it has been at least 3 days since your last injection. Once you have selected your new dose day, continue with your new once-weekly dosing schedule.

Wegovy Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Wegovy needle more than once?

No, you should always use a new needle for each injection. Reusing needles can lead to blocked needles, contamination, infection, and inaccurate dosing.

How should I store my pens?

Before opening Wegovy, you should store the pens in a refrigerator (2-8 °C) but keep them away from the cooling element. Once in use, you can keep the pen at a room temperature of less than 30 °C or in a refrigerator (2-8 °C) away from the cooling element for 6 weeks. Before using your pen, always check the expiry date printed on the pen label and carton after ‘EXP’. The date refers to the last day of that month. If the pen has passed its expiry date, do not use it. Do not freeze your Wegovy pens and keep the pen cap on to protect it from light.

How long does a Wegovy pen last in storage?

A Wegovy pen will last for 6 weeks once opened or stored outside of a refrigerator.

What should I do with a broken Wegovy pen?

If you think your pen may be broken or damaged, do not use it or try to fix it. Instead, use a new one. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about discarding the broken pen. Do not throw it away in your household rubbish.


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