Public Sex: Taking Intimacy Outside

Public Sex: Taking Intimacy Outside

What makes us so enamoured with getting amorous in places we shouldn’t? We surveyed 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans to get to the bottom (pun intended) of this issue.

What locations do people find the most arousing? Who likes outdoor liaisons the most – men or women? And how likely are those who dream about public sex to put their thoughts into action?

Read on to discover more about a private deed that a surprising number of people take public.

Seductive spots

Top locations for sexual sightseeing

Where do our survey respondents hook up the most?

Nearly 17 percent picked a public park as their chosen rendezvous, while 13 percent rolled around on the beach. (Nature seems to be an aphrodisiac for those who enjoy lovin’ outside the privacy of their own home.) Other popular locations for hanky-panky were public restrooms (9 percent) and the office (7 percent).

A naughty few went to church for a bit of slap and tickle, but at under 2 percent, it was not a common choice. Neither were elevators – fewer than 3 percent of our respondents got hot and heavy in a lift, probably because of the difficulty of getting it on in a not-so-private (and moving) location.

The back of the movie theatre – a classic location for those who like to surreptitiously get it on – polled strongly, with nearly 5 percent of our survey respondents reporting having done it at the movies.

Sex on the beach... and elsewhere

Top locations for sexual sightseeing: europeans vs americans

How different are Americans and Europeans when it comes to enjoying outdoor shenanigans? It turns out, they share more similarities than differences.

Both Europeans and Americans rated the park as their favourite place to fool around. The beach also occupied the top three for both groups. Both slotted “work” in the No. 5 spot on their lists, and both found elevators to be less preferable to parking garages for romantic rendezvous.

However, some differences were notable: Americans were more likely to conjugate on a hiking trail than their European counterparts – they put hiking trails in their No. 6 spot, while Europeans slotted them at No. 10. And Europeans preferred saunas for saucy behaviour (ranking them No. 8 on their list), while Americans opted for the hot tub (No. 10 on their list).

Erogenous zones, by country

Top Locations for Sexual Sightseeing in Europe and the United States

All countries have their own character, cuisine, and customs. But do they also have their own public sex places?

The outcome? We found that the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Romania all tended to visit the park for a booty call. Poland – perhaps because of its cold temperatures – opted for the warmer movie theatre.

In Italy, Spain, and Portugal (all popular holiday locations), most couples copulated on the coast.

Finally, Belgium bewilderingly favoured parking lots or public garages for public coitus. Perhaps because Belgium is home to two of the most congested cities in Europe, Belgians are resorting to even having sex in their cars.

Real-life fantasy

Sexual Bucket List

We knew where our survey respondents have done the deed in the past, but where do they most want to do the wild thing next?

Yet again, scenic locales headed the list, with beaches coming in at the No. 1 spot, and parks close behind at No. 2. Places that provided a modicum of privacy were also coveted, with 7 percent of respondents longing to get intimate in dressing rooms and over 5 percent daydreaming about public bathrooms.

Some of the more unusual choices included photo booths and national monuments, which are usually top tourist spots but weren’t terribly enticing for respondents – fewer than 3 percent wanted to get it on in front of a camera or beside a landmark.

Clearly, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to locations where survey respondents want to get their thrills. Some respondents got hot at the thought of heights – 4.5 percent wanted to have sex at the top of a skyscraper and 5.6 percent envisioned carnal moments on a rooftop. Others found water enticing, with public pools and hot tubs each getting a little over 3 percent of survey respondents’ votes.

His place - or hers?

Sexual Bucket List by Gender

While recent studies have shown that male and female brains aren’t really that different, we wanted to know if men and women had some fundamentally different ideas of which locations made for great public sex. But what did we discover?

Men and women are from the same planet when it comes to likely copulation locations. Women’s top three selections were the same as the men’s – with the beach, park, and dressing rooms being favourites of both genders.

However, there were some subtle differences in preferences for the genders. Men rated saunas higher than women (in the No. 7 spot versus the No. 14 spot) and showed a more marked proclivity for empty classrooms. On the other hand, women liked heights more – bar rooftops occupied their No. 4 spot, but languished at the No. 9 spot for men.

Neither men nor women rated the utility closet or public pool very highly – perhaps because of the less-than-thrilling scenery or the odd smells.

Romantic rendezvous, by country

Top locations on european and american sexual bucket lists

We’d already looked at countries’ most popular public sex locations, but a new question has arisen: Where do different nationalities most desire to do the deed? And do their dreams differ from their realities?

In Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the U.K., most respondents wanted to rendezvous at the beach. (It seems like “sex on the beach” is not just a popular cocktail, but a prevalent fantasy for most nationalities.) However, only Italy, Spain, and Portugal’s dreams matched up with their realities. Germany, France, and the U.K. were all more likely to romp in the park in real life – perhaps the next best thing when the beach is not accessible.

Romanians envisioned getting busy in public bathrooms, while Austrians and the Dutch dreamt of sex in the park. The Polish were partial to liaisons at work.

Outdoor arousal, by gender

How many does the idea of having sex in public turn on

Have you ever wondered how common it is to be turned on by the idea of public sex? So have we – so we asked men and women to report on whether sex in communal areas gets them going.

Here’s what we discovered: Men were more likely than women to be aroused by the idea of public sex – 56.4 percent of men said they loved the idea, in comparison to only 43.8 percent of women.

Why might this be? Well, researchers studying differences in gender roles have suggested that gender stereotypes encourage men to engage in riskier sexual behavior. Men who want to live up to an ideal of masculinity may seek out riskier sexual encounters to confirm their manliness.

Women, on the other hand, might be shyer about adventurous sex because of how it affects their reputations. While men might not look down on a women for taking part in risky sex, a study of female college students revealed that “slut-shaming” was rampant among girls who felt their female cohorts were behaving in sexually inappropriate ways.

Field of dreams

Making Sexual Drams a Reality

A good portion of men and women find the idea of public sex tantalising – but how many of those respondents would be motivated to turn their fantasies into realities? We asked our survey respondents how many of them would have sex in public given the opportunity.

Roughly 2 in 5 men said they would consider the idea, but they were about 42 percent more likely than women to entertain the concept. While around 16 percent of men were truly enthusiastic about public conjugation, only 7.7 percent of women matched their passion for the act.

Women expressed more shyness about public sex overall. Around 16 percent said they would never have sex in a public venue (compared with only 9.6 percent of men who downright refused), and almost 9 percent said they would reluctantly agree to please their partner.


Despite the dangers and potential embarrassments of public sex, plenty of people are still thrilled with the idea. And why not? A few well-considered risks can spice up your sex life and prove to be a bonding experience for you and your partner.

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