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Weight loss tablets are a slimming treatment which helps you lose weight when combined with a low calorie diet. The tablets work by blocking some of the fat you eat from being digested. 

Order weight loss tablets online - our online doctor service is safe, fast and discreet. We offer prescriptions for the following two medications:

  • Generic Orlistat
  • Xenical
Both medications contain the active ingredient orlistat and work in the same way. To place your order, fill in our brief medical questionnaire and choose your preferred treatment. Our doctor will review your order and check whether slimming tablets are suitable for you.

Your Superdrug Online Doctor prescription allows you to buy your weight loss treatment at any pharmacy in Ireland.

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How our service works

  • Complete a short questionnaire about your health. 
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  • Orders received before 3pm will be processed the same day. Orders received after 3pm will be processed the next working day.
  • Once your prescription has been dispatched, you will receive it within 3-5 working days.
Like most medications, weight loss tablets can cause side effects in some patients. Possible side effects include headache, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, wind and oily stools. For a list of all known side effects please read the patient leaflet which comes with your medication. You can reduce your risk of side effects which affect your digestion by avoiding meals which are high in fat.
There are many different ways you can lose weight. While some people use a combination of a healthy low calorie diet and slimming pills, others just go on a diet. Eating a healthy diet and exercising several times a week is an important part of achieving a healthy weight and many people successfully lose weight this way.

Some people also find it helpful to join a slimming club and lose weight with a group of people who are in a similar situation.

Severe obesity is sometimes treated with procedures known as bariatric surgery. Surgery is only carried out in patients who have not responded to weight loss programmes in the past and who have a BMI of over 35.

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