According to our research*, 41% of party-goers are hoping for more sex this Christmas than at any other time of year...


  • Only 30% of people actually plan to carry a condom
  • 20% *still* think there is a stigma to carrying one
  • aaaaand, of the unprotected 70%, 45% of men and 37% of women say they’d do nothing afterwards.


41% of people say they’d buy a condom if only it had a Christmas twist…., together with our partners at condom brand Pasante, we’ve come up with a genius idea to encourage a safer type of festive frolicking… a unique range of Christmas condom prototypes.

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Fur Lined - Do your Christmas love-making skills demand the luxury of a fur lined condom?

The Rudolph - Or would you prefer The Rudolph, with its fluorescent red tip to, erm, ‘guide you?’

Festive Feast - Perhaps our Christmas turkey, mince pie or mulled wine-flavoured condoms will be more your taste?

Jingle Balls - Lastly, maybe you’re the kind who likes the idea of grabbing a nice pair of… baubles?

Vote here for your favourite - and we'll look into getting it produced next year.

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What to consider if you have unprotected sex

If used correctly, condoms are highly effective in preventing the transmission of common STIs. Before having unprotected sex with a new partner, you should both get tested for STIs.

Even if you have had unprotected sex a while ago, you should get tested.

You can get tested at a GUM clinic, your GP, or order an STI home test kit online.

If you have had unprotected sex you can use a morning after pill to reduce your risk of pregnancy. The sooner you take a morning after pill, the more likely it is to be effective. You can take Levonelle within three days (72h) and Ellaone within five days (120h) of sex.

*Omnibus research carried out among 2000 adults by One Poll, September 2016