Returning Home - Travel Risks For Expats

It’s hard to remember that you’re not at home when you’ve travelled abroad to see family or friends and are sat around the table enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal. Even if you’ve been somewhere countless times, things can always go wrong if you’re not fully prepared for the infections and diseases that exist in that particular country. Many people assume that if you’ve lived somewhere before or have had similar vaccines in the past, you’ll be covered for every trip away. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. Every year about 2,000 travellers come back to the UK with malaria that they’ve caught abroad because they weren’t up-to-date with their anti-malarial medication. Don’t get caught out while you visit your loved ones abroad this year.

Make sure you follow our handy guide for leaving the UK to see friends or family so that you can enjoy every second of your trip sickness-free, and don’t bring anything nasty back on your return.