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Superdrug Travel Clinic Brixton
452-456 Brixton Road,
London, SW9 8AE

Superdrug Travel Clinic Brixton

452-456 Brixton Road

The Travel Health Team at Superdrug Brixton are able to offer you a full consultation reviewing your travel plans and your health, and to offer you any inoculations, travel products or other medications you may require for your trip. Whether you are away on business, taking a vacation or travelling the world, make an appointment to talk to the team about how we can help to keep you healthy on your travels.

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Travel Vaccination Services :

Travel Vaccination Services Dose Course
Rabies £55 £165
Hepatitis B £40 £120
Hepatitis A and Typhoid £82 -
Japanese Encephalitis £89 £178
Typhoid £30 -
Hepatitis A £49 -
Meninigitis £70 *ACWY combined
Meningitis B £105 -
Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria - £32
Hepatitis A and B combined £67 -
Tick Borne Encephalitis £65 £195
Cholera £28 £56

Online Doctor Services :

Travel Vaccination Services Pack Size Price
Anti-Malarial Tablets Travel packs From £25
Prescription Diarrhoea Tablets 3 day course From £30
Jet Lag Tablets 10 pack From £28.00
Period Delay Tablets 30 pack From £29.00

* All calls are charged at local call rates and Online Booking is free of charge.

How we work?

Make an appointment by calling our team or using our online booking form.

Try and have available:

  • Your vaccination history
  • Your medical history
  • Allergy information
  • Travel plans
We can then provide the vaccinations and medication you require at your appointment.

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