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Clinic Address :

Superdrug Travel Clinic Doncaster
17-19 Frenchgate Shopping Centre
Doncaster DN1 1PZ

Doncaster Travel & Wellbeing Clinic

Superdrug - Frenchgate Shopping Centre

Welcome to our Superdrug Travel Clinic in Doncaster. 

Our nurse is specially trained to assess your travel requirements, based on where you are travelling and what activities you plan on doing whilst your away. Whether you need advice, vaccinations or just anti-malaria tablets our Travel Clinic is here to help

In store you will also find Occupational Health and Sexual Health services tailored to suit your needs. 

Simply book online or call our dedicated booking line to schedule your appointment!

Travel Vaccination Services :

Travel Vaccination Services Dose Course
Rabies £55 £165
Yellow Fever £58 -
Hepatitis B £40 £120
Hepatitis A and Typhoid £82 -
Japanese Encephalitis £89 £178
Typhoid £30 -
Hepatitis A £49 -
Meninigitis £70 *ACWY combined
Meningitis B £105 -
Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria - £32
Hepatitis A and B combined £67 -
Tick Borne Encephalitis £65 £195
Cholera £28 £56
HPV Vaccine £150 £300-£450
HIV Instant Test £79 -

Online Doctor Services :

Travel Vaccination Services Pack Size Price
Anti-Malarial Tablets Travel packs From £25
Prescription Diarrhoea Tablets 3 day course From £30
Jet Lag Tablets 10 pack From £28.00
Period Delay Tablets 30 pack From £29.00

* All calls are charged at local call rates and Online Booking is free of charge.

How we work?

Once you’ve booked, one of our friendly and skilled travel specialists will take you through a short consultation to work out your immunisation requirements. They will then tell you about any travel healthcare risks for your trip, answer questions and check whether the vaccinations you need are compatible with any medical conditions you may have. Your nurse will be able to give you your travel vaccinations on the same day.   

As with all the Superdrug Travel Clinics, Travel Clinic Doncaster is a registered Yellow Fever centre. We offer all types of travel vaccines including the very rarest, such as the vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis, so that we can make sure that you stay healthy and happy on your travels anywhere in the world. 

Customer Reviews:

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