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'Elfcare Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s that time of year again! To help you celebrate a happy and healthy holiday, the Superdrug Christmas Elves are bringing you some presents. 

Christmas has come early! 

All of the gifts have been left under the tree, so just click on the calendar to see what treats the Elves have brought you! 

All voucher codes are valid until the 31st, so make sure you unwrap your presents by then!

1st. Give Santa a smoke-free chimney - 20% off Treatment to Quit Smoking with code Elfcare1

2nd. 'Twas the night before Christmas... - 20% off the Morning After Pill with code Elfcare2

2nd. Have a very hairy Christmas - 20% off Hair Loss Treatment with code Elfcare2

3rd. Peace of mind - the gift that keeps on giving - 20% off Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test Kits with code Elfcare3

4th. Step into the elves’ lab… - 20% off Extended STI Test Kits with code Elfcare4

5th. Frank-skin-sense - 20% off Psoriasis Treatment with code Elfcare5

6th. Don’t leave health fo-later this Xmas - 20% off Folate Test Kits with code Elfcare6

7th. An iron-ic Christmas gift? - 20% off Iron Test Kits with code Elfcare7

8th. Get yourself a D-lightful Christmas present - 20% off Vitamin D Test Kits with code Elfcare8

9th. Convenience you won’t be-wreath - £5 off the Contraceptive Pill with code Elfcare9

9th. Fill the stocking this Xmas - £5 off Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with code Elfcare9

10th. Acne treatment for the perfect s-elfie - 20% off Acne Treatment with code Elfcare10

11th. Treat yourself, and your skin - 20% off Rosacea Treatment with code Elfcare11 

12th. On B12th day of Christmas... - 20% off B12 Test Kits with code Elfcare12  

13th. Excellent Xmas eczema treatment - 20% off Eczema Treatment with code Elfcare13

14th. Put up with cold weather, not cold sores - 20% off Cold Sores Treatment with code Elfcare14

15th. Nothing to bug you this Xmas - 20% off Trichomoniasis Treatment with code Elfcare15 

16th. Get lifting and gifting - 20% off Testosterone Test Kits with code Elfcare16

16th. Flare ups with Noel? No way! - 20% off Cystitis Treatment with code Elfcare16 

17th. For blowing up those Xmas balloons - 20% off Asthma Treatment with code Elfcare17 

18th. Forgot to invite your Auntie ‘Biotics’? - 20% off Chlamydia Treatment with code Elfcare18 

19th. No need for an outbreak to be ‘present’ this Xmas - 20% off Herpes Treatment with code Elfcare19 

20th. If you’re dashing from the snow - 20% off Malaria Treatment with code Elfcare20

21st. Arriving on time is key for Christmas - 20% off Premature Ejaculation Treatment with code Elfcare21 

21st. Hormones in hand for the holidays - 20% off Hormone Replacement Therapy with code Elfcare21

22nd. Don’t let the pressure get to you this Xmas - 20% off Blood Pressure Treatment with code Elfcare22

23rd. Mistletoe, not 'missile-toe' - 20% off Gout Testing and Treatment with code Elfcare23 

24th. Christmas planning doesn’t need to be a headache - 20% off Migraine Treatment with code Elfcare24