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How to manage asthma during pregnancy

How does asthma change having a baby?

Dr Louisa Draper

"If your symptoms do get worse, tell your midwife and doctor. They will be able to refer you to a specialist clinic, change your asthma treatment plan or offer you advice on how to keep your symptoms under control."

Dr Louisa Draper

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Asthma is a condition that causes the airways (tubes which carry air to and from your lungs) to tighten or become irritated. Asthma can cause:

  • difficulty breathing
  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • a tight feeling in your chest
These symptoms can be mild to severe. A sudden and severe set of symptoms is known as an ‘asthma attack’. Asthma attacks can be dangerous and require immediate medical attention, especially if you’re pregnant.

If you find out that you’re pregnant and you already have asthma, talk to your nurse or doctor for advice about how to manage your asthma during pregnancy. The best way for you and your baby to stay healthy is by managing your asthma, and following to an asthma treatment plan.